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Professionally Showcase Your Pond5 Portfolio!
Would you like to have your Pond5 stock footage portfolio displayed on your own hosted website? This package will do just that! Includes all the HTML, PHP, and even original Photoshop files so you may modify the general look of the site.

All links can even be coded so your Pond5 referral code will be automatically embedded, meaning more passive referral income for you!

Pond5 allows you to embed and search your portfolio right on your own website. They've even included documentation on how to do it. But unless you're a PHP, XML, and HTML coding expert, it can be very difficult to customize. All the heavy lifting is done for you in this pre-written website package. Just customize a few links and graphics, upload to your webserver, and you'll be able to professionally showcase your Pond5 stock footage portfolio right on your own web host provider!

Breakdown of the Customizable Home Page:

What You Get:
Upon purchase, you'll receive via e-mail a nicely ZIPped-up file containing:

  • Customization documentation (click to view the latest version of the documentation)
  • HTML, PHP, PSD and AEP files for customization (Pond5's PHP library file is required, but not included. Available here.)
  • HTML and PHP files are commented to help with customization
  • Email AND phone support (phone support for initial set-up, and only if you're really, really stuck)

If you don't know what any of the following means, this product probably isn't for you.

  • Linux webserver running Apache 2.2.23 or higher
    If you don't currently have a web host provider, SiteGround is a good option, and is known to work with this product. This sample site is hosted on SiteGround.
  • PHP Version 5.3.28 or higher
  • Knowledge of where your ABSOLUTE web path is located
  • Basic knowledge of web design and servers, and an understanding of HTML and PHP, including the ability to open and edit HTML and PHP files with a text editor
  • A webserver capable of executing server side includes
  • The ability to upload web files via FTP to a compatable host provider of your choice
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 for editing the included .PSD and .AEP files

Special LOW Price!


One-time fee.
Payable via PayPal only.

For ordering information, email

Working Examples
The following websites are using this product as-is:


The following sites are a using modified versions of this product:

» ScienceFictionStockFootage

Is this Secure?
This product only uses Pond5's XML search feature, which does not require authentication on their end. Meaning, during the customization process, at no point is your password needed. Only your Pond5 artist name is used, so your login credentials are still safely only known by you.

Don't Want to Code?
Worried that the task of customization and installation is too daunting, but still want your own portfolio site? For an additional one-time fee of $150, I'll perform a basic install on my server for you. You'll have the benefit of a searchable Pond5 portfolio without the hassle of setting up your own website. Email me for more information.

Purchasing this product entitles you to install it on as many sites or domains as you wish, so long as you are the sole owner of the portfolio(s) being displayed.

The creator of this product is James Orlowski, (ODesigns artist on Pond5). Aside from being a contributor, he is not affiliated whatsoever with, and this is not an officially-sanctioned product from Portions of this product contain code that is freely available from Pond5's API documentation page, albeit much of it has been painstakingly altered to work in this design. The creator of this package makes no claims that if Pond5 changes they way their API behaves, your site (as well as all others using this product, including the creator's own) will continue to function. There is no guarantee that an update will be provided should this [unlikely] event happen.

Please thoroughly review the sites listed above that are using this product before purchasing to ensure this product will fit your needs and does what you expect it to. While you are free to alter the given code to better fit in your current website environment, this package is intended to be a stand alone website for sole purpose of searching and displaying your Pond5 stock footage portfolio. Support for uses beyond this intention will not be provided. It is suggested that you keep a backup of the original files to revert to should any customization go awry.

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WHAT IS THIS PLACE? is a customized website for showcasing your Pond5 stock footage portfolio on your own hosted website.


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